Simple Tips For Using LAWYER To Get Ahead Your Competition

You know I was a great Los Angeles truck accident lawyer at gymnastics I had this career going on or a prospective career in the future and everything got set back because of this so those are things that you made to get the cling a larger claim but this is a case that would take a lot of I guess research a lot of you know possibly an investigator get involved from the scene figure out who’s involved and those kinds of things so I think Jacob definitely needs to talk to a personal injury.

Attorney to get to work on that never known even if she’s a minor that can play into it some issues in the future to the injury attorney with me do it bison okay excellent this next question is actually very straightforward is from Denise ask John how do you insurance companies calculate settlements ok insurance companies have a lot of different ways of calculating.

settlements and it’s changed throughout the years it used to be a little more simple you know you take the medical expenses that their client would happen sometimes they would use things like a multiplier times or depend on the seriousness of the injuries and you know they look at all the factors but they would use that kind of things now a lot of insurance companies are getting a little more sophisticated a lot of them have algorithms that they.

Use they’re looking at prior their case results you know prior injuries that they’ve seen settle or maybe go to trial and have verdicts so every case is so fact-specific that it’s hard to say how damages and in each case are calculated but in every insurance company is a little bit different but one of the driving factors are you know what are the medical expenses who are the doctors that have seen this individual and you can understand that if the insurance company sees it’s just the soft tissue injury as opposed to an injury with broken bones with doctors involved instead of chiropractors involved in soft tissue.